Ways To Make Someone Comfortable During Their Final Days

The transition from this life to the next journey involves a wide range of emotions, depending on the individual transitioning. Emotions include fear, anger, and pain. However, emotions also include joy, pride, love, and peace. The environment surrounding someone can play a large role in their final experience. Try these four tips to keep someone comfortable during their final days.

Listen to the Patient's Requests 

Above all, allow your loved one to make decisions about their own final moments. They deserve to have their final wishes honored. If your loved one appoints someone to be in charge, honor that request and go along with the plans. If you are in charge, ask detailed questions about your loved one's wishes. Some questions to ask include:

  • Where do you wish to spend your final days?
  • Who do you want around?
  • Do you have any spiritual or religious rituals you'd like to perform?

If someone doesn't have the ability to answer all of your questions, do the best you can to give them a send-off they would enjoy.

Read Reviews Before Hiring End of Life Care

In most situations, you and your family will need professional help to not only care for your loved one in their final days but also how to keep everyone in the family calm. End-of-life care doesn't come cheap. However, you don't want to skimp on help during such an important moment. Shop around and read reviews before hiring somebody.

There are also different types of end-of-life care, including hospice, doula support services, and nursing homes. Pick one that best applies to your loved one.

Incorporate Your Loved One's Favorite Things

Celebrate your loved one's life with their favorite things. Ways you can personalize the situation include:

  • decorate with personal knick-knacks
  • watch old home videos
  • look at old pictures
  • read their favorite books
  • watch their favorite movies
  • play their favorite games
  • wear clothing the loved one wore or bought you
  • play music they liked
  • eat their favorite foods and snacks

Your loved one will notice the effort, and it can make them feel more comfortable. 

Stay Positive

Don't allow yourself to show stress or fear in front of your loved one. You have a responsibility to put on a brave face, as you don't want to let your loved one absorb your stress in their final moments. 

End-of-life care will help you focus on the important things. Contact an end-of-life service to learn more today.

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