3 Strategies for Explaining Your Senior Living Preferences to Your Adult Children

Over the years, your children have always made it clear that you had a place in their home if the need arose. While you appreciate their offer, you also worry about how living together might affect your relationship. After all, you may have grown accustomed to privacy after living alone for so long, or you may worry about how your changing needs could impact your children's life if they became your primary caregiver.

When you know that a senior community has the living arrangements that best fit your needs, use these tips to help your children understand your preference.

Choose the Right Time to Talk

Ideally, you should initiate a family conversation about your living arrangements when everyone is calm and receptive to hearing your ideas. Let your children know that you would like to discuss an important topic, and set up a time when you can all talk without any distractions. If you have multiple children who live in different places, then you may find it helpful to set up a conference call so that everyone can be told the news at the same time.

Discuss the Benefits of Assisted Living

At some point, most senior adults require some type of living assistance such as help with medication management or personal hygiene care. Highlight some of the services that are offered by your preferred senior residence so that your children can understand that you are thinking about your long-term needs. For instance, you may prefer to have a professional caregiver help you with personal tasks such as bathing rather than place that responsibility upon your child. Once you've discussed the practical matters, follow it up with a few additional benefits of your choice such as being able to spend time with other older adults who share your hobbies.

Invite Them to Take a Tour

Senior living options have improved significantly over the years. If your children are still not on board with your preference, then it is possible that they have an outdated perspective regarding professional senior care. Ask your children to accompany you on a tour. This way, they can see how living in a senior community promotes independence by providing you with a safe place to socialize and take part in fun activities.

Breaking the news to your kids that you prefer not to move into their home is never easy. Yet, you must stick to your belief that a senior community is the ideal place to live during your next stage in life. By choosing your words carefully, you can tactfully decline your children's invitation while helping them to understand all of the reasons why you know that you will thrive in your new community.

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