Making Sure Your Elderly Parent Focuses On Their Health

When you have an elderly parent living with you, you're able to play an active role in his or her health. However, when this family member needs to relocated into an assisted living facility, you want to be sure that he or she stays as healthy as possible. While the facility's staff will do their part to promote a healthy lifestyle for each of the residents, your parent needs to also take a proactive role in staying healthy. It's worthwhile for you to share some ideas that he or she can implement upon moving into the new home. Here are some suggestions.

Get Regular Exercise

Keeping active is integral to seniors' physical health and even their emotional health as they age. Make sure that your parent commits to getting some form of daily exercise. It may be tempting to stay in his or her room or simply play cards or converse with other residents, but it's valuable to get moving. If the assisted living home has ample grounds, your parent may wish to take several laps along a path each day. Or, if the home has some form of an athletic center, things such as riding a stationary bike and lifting some light weights can be beneficial.

Eat Healthy

If you've accompanied your parent to medical appointments, you may have learned whether your parent needs to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain weight. Regardless of the doctor's orders, eating healthy is integral. A healthy diet not only is helpful for managing your parent's waistline, but also gives him or her the nutrients needed to maintain physical and mental health. Speak to a staff member to ensure that your parent's diet suits his or her needs. For example, some residents will need lower-calorie options at mealtime. You should also make sure that your parent isn't keeping too many unhealthy snacks in his or her room.

Focus On Emotional Health

Emotional health is important at any age, but remains critical for members of the elderly community. Your parent may have experienced the loss of a spouse, siblings, and friends in recent years, which can be emotionally challenging. It's important that he or she has some healthy way to deal with these issues. Many assisted living facilities have counselors who can meet with residents. If such a service isn't available, see about hiring your own therapist who can visit your parent in the assisted living facility.

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