Can Elder Mediation Help Your Siblings Agree To A Senior Living Community For Your Parent?

Squabbles between you and your siblings could lead to your aging parent not receiving the assistance that he or she needs. One of the many issues that could cause disagreement is whether or not encouraging your parent to move into an independent living community is the right decision. The possible solution to the arguments is elder mediation. Here is what you need to know about it.  

What Is Elder Mediation?

Elder mediation is similar to traditional mediation. A trained professional will help you and your siblings pinpoint the issues that your aging parent is facing and work towards resolutions that will result in the best possible outcome. In this instance, the mediator will help you and your siblings determine if encouraging an independent living community is ideal. 

There are several benefits to using mediation. One of the most beneficial is that you and your siblings avoid court. If your parent still only needs the minimal assistance that is provided in independent living, but there is some question as to whether or not he or she can make the decision about moving into a community, the decision could fall to you and your siblings. If there is no agreement, one of you might want to take the matter to the courts to decide.  

Involving the court could harm your relationship with your siblings. If you take the matter to court, you and your siblings also lose out on making a decision that will line up with your parent's needs and beliefs. Mediation helps you avoid those issues.  

What Should You Remember During Mediation?

To improve the chances that you and your siblings will successfully resolve your issues, everyone needs to be willing to compromise. If someone is unwilling to even consider the possibility of moving your parent into an independent living community, it will be difficult to resolve the issue in mediation. 

Before mediation, consider touring an independent living community with your siblings. There are a lot of misconceptions about these communities, and it is possible that those are shaping the beliefs of anyone who is opposed to an aging parent living there.  

It is important to remember that the mediator is impartial. His or her job is to focus on the issue and work towards a resolution that works for everyone. You and your siblings all have a voice in the negotiations, so be prepared to discuss what you want for your parent. 

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